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Welcome to the economic neighbourhood.

We’re looking for performance-orientated entrepreneurs, who want to accelerate their business journey within the Riversands I-Hub community. Affordable rental rates starting from R3700 per month.



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Before starting with the application process, please note the following important points. We cover these points in the “Is Riversands Right for You?” Tour – but if you have opted to apply without attending the tour – they are as follows.
1. Premises will help my business grow.
I acknowledge that premises will be an unlocker for my business resulting in revenue growth and improved profitability.
2. Utilisation of the unit.
I acknowledge that premises is used for frequent business operations, and not as a storage facility.
3. Foot traffic.
I acknowledge that Riversands I-Hub is more like an industrial park, rather than a shopping centre with foot traffic.
4. Business development.
While Riversands I-Hub may provide plug-in services and resources, I acknowledge that business development is my responsibility.
5. Business stats submission.
I acknowledge that submission of monthly business stats (turnover information, salaries, and number of employees) is required in order for Riversands to measure the impact of its support on my business.
6. The lease term is one year.
I understand that the initial lease term is for one year. Renewal of my lease terms is dependent on me still meeting the published selection criteria and the performance of my business in comparison to other deserving businesses that are seeking an opportunity to access premises. The lease can only be renewed for a maximum of three years. The renewal of any lease with the Hub is dependent on your business’ performance and meeting the obligations set out in the lease.
7. Accessing support.
Businesses in the Riversands I-Hub ecosystem are able to access support through their allocated Service Coordinators and our virtual incubation platform. Accessing support depends on the Support Requests I submit for my specific business needs, as well as signing up for ecosystem initiatives.